About BRT 49

Baroda round table 49 inaugurated on 22/10/1977 and chartered under the affiliation of round table India on 6th May 1978 has had a long journey of 35+ years and still going strong. During these 35+ years the BRT49 has completed close to 768 business meetings, were in young and energetic tablers discuss, decide and plan the routine aims and objectives related events, fellowships, fund raising, projects they execute over the past and coming years.

The long journey has been possible and completed by 35 teams of office bearers holding 4 posts each to lead and sustain the community service activities we do year on year. During these years we have had many visionary chairmen and their extra vibrant team of tablers who have made all these years possible with a rich list of projects and community service activities performed. Some of the names of 41ers (Tablers who retire due to achieving 40 years of age have to compulsorily retire from the table) who have been the pillar of community activity services all these years are:

  • Alpesh Kanugo
  • Anuj Nagarsheth
  • Jagrut Thakkar
  • Jyotirmay Jhaver
  • Minesh Hajisheth
  • Shashank Agarwal
  • Vishal Kemkar
  • Yash Kumar Kinger
  • Meera Kanugo
  • Diti Nagarsheth
  • Mona Thakkar
  • Trisha Jhaver
  • Deepal Hajisheth
  • Anamika Agarwal
  • Meena Kemkar
  • Nikki Kinger

One Classroom a Day

BRT 49 commitment to education can be summed up with our achievement of building one classroom a day.

Freedom Through Education

Our National Project and main aim is to educate underprivileged children.

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Our motto is Adopt, Adapt, Improve and we bring young men between 18-40 years of age together, to challenge, inspire and learn from each other. We share ideas openly with trust, and empower each individual to make a positive impact at home, work and in his community.

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Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
Help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

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