Motto Of Round Table Baroda

BRT49 Vision

Our Vision is Educate to Enlighten, and we build schools & classroom infrastructure for children at required places.

BRT49 Mission

To Adopt at least 49 School, so request Present & Past Tablesrs of BRT49 is adopt at least 2 children.

What does the BRT 49?

Make BRT49 as Strong Home

Educating an underprivileged child with proper schooling facilities, and supporting Livelihoods to empowering them with vocational support.

BRT 49 is a community, organization , shelter home affiliated to round table India. Where orphans, lost, abandoned, labourers, poor and single parent childrens (under ages of 18) are given food & shelter, schooling & education, basically rehabilated to give a meaning to their lives.

Welcome To BRT 49

Baroda Round Table 49 is a non-political and non-sectarian organization offering young men between the ages of 18 and 40 the opportunity for serving their communities chartered under the affiliation of round table India.

BRT49 offers opportunities to make new friends, enjoy and serve the community in all stages of life. Baroda Round Table 49, Baroda Ladies Circle, Ex-Baroda Round Tablers or Square Legs are all part of the Baroda Round table family.

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Build School

BRT 49 build letast style Schools and also providing Clean, safe drinking water facility, toilet, etc.

Build Classroom

BRT 49 build morden style classrooms and also providing black-bords, ceiling fan, desk, etc.

Study Equipment

BRT 49 build computer lab, library, providing uniforms and notebooks to the children, etc.

Adopt a Child

Tablers of BRT 49 adopt child to educating supporting livelihoods to empowering with vocational support.

Chairman's Message

In today’s world happiness is best achieved when we have happiness around. One of the most prudent ways of achieving happiness around us is through educating the underprivileged children and provide them the base and platform to become successful citizens of the country.

BRT 49 is a service organisation affiliated to round table India. The members are young and dynamic lot of volunteers who work locally, regionally and internationally towards the aims and objectives of organisation to develop fellowship through the medium of their business and professional occupations and community service. BRT49 is a non-political and non-sectarian organisation operating in and around Vadodara city and doing community service activities like supporting or adopting 49 children’s of balgokulum, medical camps, e.t.c.

How Can Help?

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
Help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Your Small Support Could Accomplish A Big Dream!

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Our motto is Adopt, Adapt, Improve and we bring young men between 18-40 years of age together, to challenge, inspire and learn from each other. We share ideas openly with trust, and empower each individual to make a positive impact at home, work and in his community.

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